Loch Ness and Eilean Donan Castle

We take you to what we feel are the most important and impressive places around Loch Ness and into the spectacular western highlands. From the most dramatic scenery, to the most historically relevant sites our fun-loving guides show and explain the lot.
  • Hear the history, myths, legends and the truly bizarre tales of this unique area told in an entertaining and enthusiastic way.

  • Visit the eerie Culloden field for the tale of the last battle to be fought on british soil. We take you out onto the field, and give you our take on the conflict. Anybody can dump you at the visitor centre, get the personal treatment with Canny Tours.

  • Spend time on both banks of Loch Ness. The road on the east bank was constructed in 1715, and has a wealth of history and legend bound up with it (as well as being fantastically beautiful!) We return from the west by the main road on the west side of the loch, giving you more chance to spot the Loch Ness Monster than any other tour!

  • Have enough time to fully appreciate the most beautiful castle in Scotland the lovely Eilean Donan. By giving you over an hour at this place you have time to get a full guided tour of the castle rather than a rushed photo stop. (entrance fee applies)

  • Again using the maneuverability of our wee Mercedes we take you to the top of the most dramatic viewpoint in Scotland which has a story to match. 

  • Learn about the clans who called this land home, their origins and territories, and how they lived, fought and survived in this harsh environment. Our guides will demonstrate the use of the old highland weapons, and the wearing of the fileadh mor (great plaid)

  • Other attractions include the fantastic wildlife and spectacular natural wonders such as waterfalls, mirror lochs and the odd rainbow.
All this and more in one full day for only ?25

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